Providing Effective Cybersecurity

We Provide the Technology

Integrates with existing security tools.

We Perform Security Operations

We continuously monitor networks, applications, and endpoints.

We Provide Incident Response

When hacker activity is identified, we work with your team to resolve the breach.

Providing Continuous Monitoring for the Organization

Managed Cybersecurity

Quanterum® provides an affordable managed solution that addresses critical security controls and tough security requirements.

Our skilled experts deploy, maintain, and monitor necessary consolidated toolsets to identify malicious activity in near real-time.


Active Defense

Our managed service sees what hackers would look for to gain access to system resources and data.

We utilize a blend of technology, threat intelligence, and expertise to provide Vulnerability Detection, Security Assessment, and Incident Response in an all-inclusive managed service.

Advanced Warning

Quanterum® provides continuous real-time visibility into system configurations, providing advanced warning to fix flaws that would otherwise lead to successful cyber-attacks.


Identifies Data Breach

If an active attack is taking place our service immediately identifies a security breach, which results in the reduction of stolen intellectual property, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and business service disruption.